What We Are All About

AmberSky People Solutions

Regardless of size, geography, or industry, you need visionary leaders and talented individuals at all levels of your organization to secure growth, profitability, and performance. We help you manage your workforce at every step of the employment life cycle for better business results. From talent evaluation, leadership assessment, performance and compensation management to workforce planning, we support your HR strategy. We have programs and tools that identify, engage, reward, develop and motivate your people to work to their highest potential. Together, we ensure your business is in good hands, now and in the future.

  • Strategy and Organization Structure Formulation and Optimization
  • Recruitment
  • Labor Management
  • Payroll Services
  • HR Audit and Risk Assessment
  • HR Analytics

Strategy and Organization Structure Formulation and Optimization

Our Goal is to assist Corporations in integrating best practices, business knowledge, and proven alternatives to building up the proper operational and administrative infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their core business. We provide value in determination of th e required Human Capacity for our clients, formulation of HR strategies and policies and HR advisory service that steward productivity.


Whether it is an executive search or a high volume hiring, we provide our clients with the right solution through hiring the right candidate for the job. We take responsibility for ensuring we understand the client’s human resource need and source for the best ‘fit’.    Our recruitment practices give us the required agility to hire quickly, while minimizing operational complexity, cost and risk for a strategic advantage.

Labor Outsourcing

As your business partner we supply labor services through provision of personnel with the necessary, qualifications, training, and competence. AmberSky will manage a solution where all HR, contract administration and compensation and benefit provisions are managed as part of the service, giving your internal HR team more time to focus on strategic business issues.

Payroll Services

We provide an impeccable payroll processing system and ensure compliance with all statutory requirements while placing paramount importance towards quality and accuracy. We not only save you from worrying about fines and penalties pertaining to late or incorrect filings, but also facilitate cost reductions in payroll management services. This will allow our clients to focus their time and energy on core business functions.

HR Audit and Risk Assessment

We provide a method to review your human resources capacity, policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function as well as to assess compliance with policies, rules and regulations

HR Analytics

With data analytics technology, we are able to provide our clients with the ability to collect and evaluate key HR metrics that can be used to predict what will happen. This will provide HR leadership the ability to build a cohesive talent strategy that is founded on a robust and detailed analysis of the organization’s people data.